Family Treasure

Family treasure is the first and basic collection of ROOTS jewelry brand. Coral necklace is a must have jewelry item of ukrainian woman. 100 years ago it was the main piece of jewelry, a status sign, an amulet and family treasure.

The necklace was inherited from mother to daughter for generations. The principle of placing beads from the largest in the center to the smallest at the edges was applied to all types of necklaces. The necklace composition is symbolic. The center of the necklace, like the oldest generation, from which the younger ones are growing like beads. “Reefs” are the large beads framed in silver hoops, optically mark the center of symmetry and hold the core of family caregiver. Women were proud of their coral necklaces back then and we should be proud of them now.

Coral necklace is ukrainian classic jewelry. It is out of time, always trendy.