Bloom is a pearl necklaces collection. It seems that necklaces are similar, but in fact they are quite different and self-sufficient, like each separate pearl bead. With ropes or without it, with larger and smaller beads, lush and laconic.

Pearls are the most feminine “stone” of all known, they are a symbol of modesty and purity. It suits absolutely everyone, because it emphasizes the most intimate woman features.

Pearl necklace was very popular in the nobility and burghers circles. However, it has also become popular in villages. Women there often worn more cheap glass imitation instead of expensive natural pearls. But still, they skillfully combined them with coral necklaces. Pearl necklace consisted of five, ten or more strands. More often, they were worn around the neck or dropped to the chest.

Photo: Olena Karpuk
Models: Yuliia Sozonik, Sofiia Bezverkha