Interesting facts about dukach

  • If the necklace was considered to be the basis of jewelry complex, then the “dukach” was the central figure in it.
  • Word “dukach” comes from the name of Western European gold coins – “dukat”. There were also such names as “lychman”, “yangus”.
  • Dukach itself is an image coin with additional decoration, which was called “bow”. And the “bow” was decorated with glass or jewelry stones.
  • There are three main types of dukach with bow: “woven”, “horned”, and “veremivsky”.
  • Dukach was more widespread on the Left part on Ukraine, mainly in Poltava and Chernigiv regions.
  • Dukach can be worn on the ribbon, lace, chain or string of necklace.
  • The dukach bow came to ukrainian jewelry from Cossack`s medals and awards.

Photo from Poltava region, “Ukrainian jewelry. Album” Samkov. О.М., Lepsky V.V.
It is an exceptional case, when a woman has 3 dukaches on at the same time.