Interesting about pearls
• The most valuable pearls were the big ones. They were brought from Persian Gulf to Ukraine via Kafa (now it is Feodosia).
• Small and medium sized pearls were collected in local rivers. Small pearls were sold by weight, and large pearls by piece
• Pearl necklace consisted of five, ten or more strands. More often, they were worn around the neck or dropped to the chest.
• There were necklaces with one sized pearls or smaller ones mixed with large ones. Sometimes, pearl beads were added to coral necklaces as well.
• There is a note in old Ukrainian magazine of XIX century "Kiev Staryna", that daughter of Hetman Samoilovich had five necklaces consisting of 55 pearl strands with large, medium and small size beads. Also such ukrainian nobles as Sofia Ostrozka, Beata Ostrozka and Raina Vyshnevetska had long three or five strands pearl necklaces in their wardrobe.
• Pearl necklace was very popular in the nobility and burghers circles. However, it has also become popular in villages. Women there often worn more cheap glass imitation instead of expensive natural pearls. But still, they skillfully combined them with coral necklaces.
• The natural beauty of pearls was much appreciated. People also believed in it's healing and symbolic properties. Pearls were associated with purity, faithfulness, innocence and cleansing tears.
Girls from Kitsman, Bukovyna, 1908. Photo from "Ukrainian folk jewelry ХІХ- early ХХ centuries" by Hanna Vrochynska.
Ivano-Frankivsk region, ХХ century. Photo from "Ukrainian folk jewelry ХІХ- early ХХ centuries" by Hanna Vrochynska.
Cherkasy, 1920. Oleksandr Tyhenko photo collection.
Poltava region, 1894. Photo by Samiilo Dudin.
Kyiv region,1914. Oleksandr Tyhenko photo collection.